Working My Ass Off Lately

That’s why it’s been so quiet around here.

Friday afternoon I worked from 2;30 in the afternoon until four the next morning.

I went in again today for another 8 hours of overtime bringing the total to sixteen hours for the week.


I’m whupped.

I didn’t even get my wife anything for Mothers day until just now after work. Had to go to Walgreens, the only thing I could find open after 11 o;clock.

Got her a bottle of Champaign, a box of chocolates and a real nice card.


Just enough, barely, to get me out of the dog house, lol.

Actually, I cooked breakfast for her, her two sisters and four kids before I went to work earlier so it’s not like I completely screwed the pooch.


I hope all the moms out there had a special day today, even if I am a bit late and thanks fer stopping by.

I am going to be busy as hell for the next couple of weeks getting ready to move while working six days a week to boot but I will at least try and work up some indignation about the bullshit going on in the world


One thought on “Working My Ass Off Lately

  1. I never get my wife anything for Mother’s Day -she pointed out many years ago that she’s not my mother. Love that logical woman.

    As for cooking breakfast for her, well, since I cook 99% of the meals around here anyway, it’s a normal day.

    Good thing the kids remembered to do a little something for her.

    Be careful working your butt off -ain’t much left of that narrow backside.

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