Some Good News

We got approved for the house.


What a fucking load off finally.

Going tomorrow to put a grand down for the deposit, working that extra day every week paid off big time.


Getting the keys on the 19th so we can be out of here and have the place spiffy’d up for the parental units who are due back June 1st.




Now I get to haul shit out of storage, move it all again and turn the wife loose so she can build her nest.

I am finally going to have a garage to put my little Sprite in so I can start cleaning the damn thing up and get it running and driving again for this coming Summer.


Lots to do in the near future but I am glad we finally got a place.


Whoo Hoo!


9 thoughts on “Some Good News

  1. Congrats Busted! Best way to keep you both happy: garage for you and nest to feather for the missus.

    George has a small shed now & his pontoon – still a lawn ornament in the yard instead of floating in water – so he’s a downsized happy guy. I’ve feathered the nest about all I can for now & enjoy the screened porch the most.

    Happy for you both. About time you experience a longer “honey do” list!

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