House Hunting

Jesus fucking Christ what a pain in the ass.


I can’t even remember how many fucking places we have looked at in the last three weeks, all I know is that I am sick of it.


Everyone wants money for a back ground check, upwards of fifty bucks per adult and here is the rub, the fuckers want to do a background check on a 29 year old autistic boy.


Excuse me?


No job history, no credit history, no criminal history, no evictions, just exactly what do you think you are going to find?

Ahhh, yes, you are going to find an extra fifty in your wallet, that’s what.




Of course, if someone else beats you with their application, you just get to eat that, pilgrim, and move on.


Driving all over the fucking county, using maps printed out from the computer, we spent twenty minutes driving around in circles looking for one joint today.

It turns out I had to go around the block off the main drag and double back to almost exactly where I turned.I drove right by it and didn’t know it because it was a driveway that took off at the end of a cul de sac.


We MAY have finally found a place we looked at Saturday.

Made an appointment to see the inside and the lady was really cool.

She has been going round and round with the real estate lady she listed it with who won’t listen to her, placed it for waaayyy too fucking much money, couldn’t even get ahold of her on the phone and it has been listed for 3 1/2 months with no one wanting to pay 1400 bucks a month for a small 3 bedroom.


 We went though it, it’s not big, has enough garage to make me happy and has the coolest covered back porch you ever saw.

Perfect for BBQ’s and such.

It’s on a dead end, the background checks are 25 bucks, for just the wife and I this time oh, and ten seventy five is way more reasonable..

The lady also has an 11 year old autistic boy so we have that in common too.

We went and looked at two other places, one clear the fuck and gone, the one I couldn’t find and another, much bigger place that is on a cul de sac too but I am going with this one.

Having a land lady that is easy going and cool is half the battle sometimes.

I have had some real asshole landlords and they can make life miserable.


Time is getting short, if we don’t somehow get this place we are going to wind up in an apartment  and I LOATHE apartments.


Plus it’s just a few miles away which would make the other dreaded aspect of moving a lot easier.

Sooo. It’s time to get ready for work, the wife is going to turn in the Apps today and then we wait.


Wish us luck and have a nice day.

It is gorgeous here today.

Makes me not want to go to work, I have been working six days a week trying to make more money.

One other thing I have sacrificed for this endeavor and even better reasons.

It’s been two weeks today since I have had a shot of whiskey.


Probably one of the reasons posting has been kind of light.

Thanks fer stopping by.


4 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. WTF? A background check on someone who is autistic? I am so dumbfounded. I taught special ed for close to 10 years. I am here to tell you, they were my favorite students. What the hell is wrong with people? God I am so sorry you are going through this. There is no excuse for that. Remember the days when you could just rent a place with a deposit?
    Good Luck to you and your wife, aren’t you still on your honeymoon? I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Yo, Busted — I am so delighted for the upward turns your life is taking.. I know you’ve put in lots of work and have struck the mother lode with your choice of partner. Many, many cheers to you and your family

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