For Those Too Blind To See

Or too fucking dense to figure this shit out by themselves, Paul Krugman hits the nail on the head and lays it out for you.

The ultra rich flat out own the Republican Party .


For the past century, political polarization has closely tracked income inequality, and there’s every reason to believe that the relationship is causal. Specifically, money buys power, and the increasing wealth of a tiny minority has effectively bought the allegiance of one of our two major political parties, in the process destroying any prospect for cooperation.

And the takeover of half our political spectrum by the 0.01 percent is, I’d argue, also responsible for the degradation of our economic discourse, which has made any sensible discussion of what we should be doing impossible.


Go read the whole thing, this quote is only a small fraction of his spot on analysis with what the fuck is  wrong

with this country.


It’s about fucking time someone pointed out the obvious.






4 thoughts on “For Those Too Blind To See

  1. Krugman is the man to listen to and has been for some time now. To bad the crooner and chief doesn’t.

  2. Krugman missed the other part – the Democrats are owned as well. Yes, we are totally SOL. They still spew rhetoric at each other, but are hand in hand when it comes to bending us over.

  3. Krugman has got to be the stupidest man in economics. This idiot is pro inflation and pro central banking which is much of the problem. Not to mention that he is not exactly a poor person himself.

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