Slither Away! Slither Away!

Good old Newticles is scheduled to officially drop out of the race for President today, some six months too late.

That guy never stood a chance in the first place and it was only his personal zip code sized ego that kept him plugging along anyway.


As much as it would delight me to think that I should never again have to tolerate seeing or hearing of that fucknozzle ever again, never underestimate Newts love of attention.

When it comes to attention whores, Newt could give Paris Hilton a few tips.

However, I will take this moment of his public humiliation and savor it for some time.


The man is a craven, ideology driven one man band but he does have a following, much like Charles Manson.


I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this anachronistic Neanderthal by any stretch of the imagination and I shudder at the thought of Romney somehow pulling off the near impossible odds of actually winning the Presidency and then offering this walking cadaver some spot with power in our government.


It’s just too horrible to contemplate before breakfast.


Anyways, Hasta La Vista Motherfucker and good riddance.


4 thoughts on “Slither Away! Slither Away!

  1. I heard today that he wants to raise funds for Twitt Romney. No, that cockroach will never go away completely until someone hoses his ass down with some Raid…

  2. We know Noot is only in it for the money so let’s see how he cashes in on the convention. Maybe selling inflatable dolls when the hookers run out.

  3. Possibility: The Republican Party is not trying to win 2012, the leaders get most of what they want with Obama in charge and they can blame him for the stuff not getting done that they don’t want but tell the fruitcakes they want to get votes.

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