Blogger Is SO fucked

Google did it again, a midnight raid and they went and changed the format again without a fucking word to the wise


Quite bothersome actually, no one seems to like it,especially me.


This is why I have kept this site as a back up for all these years, even though WordPress pissed me off to the point I went back to Blogger, I am seriously considering a switch back.

I have heard that some of my serious problems with this platform have been taken care of, We shall see as I am going to spend some time cleaning the place up and exploring what has and hasn’t changed.

Either way, I still have the option of posting my little diatribes for free, it is just who has the least fucked up and most user friendly  software. It has been a long time since I have used WordPress on a regular basis and it will take time for me to remember how to navigate it but I am thinking Google screwed the pooch pretty good this time.

5 thoughts on “Blogger Is SO fucked

  1. Hi Busted,

    I like ’em both. You post a lot oftener than I do, but I haven’t had any problems. I use Blogger for photo stuff and WordPress for vitriol, just to keep my chops in shape on either stage.

    I would hope that both Blogger and WordPress continue to piss you off. I like your rants.


  2. Ya know they have to change shit. Did they ever hear of “don’t fix what ain’t broke” I am so glad you didn’t quit blogging! What would I do without those laugh out loud moments from your tirades!

  3. While I have never used WP, I may. My whole blog was screwed up this morning. I did not change the template, but someone did. as for paragraph breaks, I think I got all yours. My posts looked like I had “entered” three times and had huge gaps between paragraphs. However, one in a great while, all the paragraph breaks did not appear, just one long block of copy. I have no idea if I have complied with their “rules” and have updated to new blogger. I guess I will see after midnight tomorrow.

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