Check One in The Win Box

Finally, finally, I got the fucking wipers working in my POS El Camino, thank Google.
The fucking bastards use the wiper switch as a variable ground.
No wonder putting power to the fucker didn’t work.
I finally found an El Camino site that has a chat room and someone had the same problem and Lo and Behold, some guy laid it out nice and neat.

Thank you, car guy.

The evil fuckers use one, damn near impossible to find bolt, as the ground at the wiper motor it’s self and I dropped two of them down the fucking inside of the fender/ firewall and it took me an hour to try using a telescoping magnet, take the fucking inner fender off,laying on the floor, to find a cute little sheet metal pocket at the bottom of the firewall made exclusively just to catch the fucking bolts you drop trying to replace the wiper motor.

I have often wished for a painful death for certain automotive engineers but this one just went to the head of the line.

Fucking ignorant, stupid fucking asshole sonofabitch dickhead motherfuckers, why in the world could you not use the bolt at the very top , where you can actually see it, to use as a fucking ground?

Kill death murder.

Anyway, one down.
Back to the tranny leak, the fucked up flywheel and oh, yeah, the dirty sonofabitch heater motor, which is brand new, that doesn’t work.
More electrical trouble shooting.

By the way, you have been paying attention and know that it fucking snowed here a couple of days ago, then we were so lucky as to have freezing fog the next morning.

Did I forget to mention that the new wiper motor did not include the wiper washer motor?
That’s another seventy five bucks and ya gotta take the fucking motor back out to install it.

That shit ain’t gonna happen, I am going to NAPA and buying an aftermarket reservoir with a pump in it and mount it under the hood .

Next on the list is putting the instrument cluster back together and digging a big hole in the back yard just in case I ever run into the fucking assholes who went home one night over thirty years ago and bragged to their wife what a great idea they had that day.


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