Take Your Crazy And Shove Off

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of these crazy fucking bastard Republican candidates.
I don’t hear a Goddamn thing come out of their mouths except wedge issues and outright insanity.

Womens birth control,anti immigration, Big Government, Tax breaks for the already obscenely rich, anti union, on and on and on.

What I am NOT hearing is just what the fuck they plan to do about putting millions of people back to work at a decent wage with decent benefits, what the fuck their foreign policies are, what the fuck they plan on doing about getting our troops home and just exactly how they plan on putting THOSE people to work or how they plan to take care of the thousands of our veterans with war trauma the rest of their lives.

I also don’t see any forethought on what to do about the crooked banking industry or the crooked mortgage industry, the war on drugs, the rotting infrastructure of our country , climate change,the money losing Post office or basically any real pressing issue facing this country.
Nope, it’s all about vaginas and dragging everyone back to the eleventh fucking century.
They want anyone who isn’t already obscenely rich to serve as vassals to those who are and bow down to their vision of Almighty God, which by the way, isn’t quite exactly on par with the teachings of a certain guy named Jesus that I had drilled into me at a tender age.
These clowns are more Old Testament the way I see it and even then, twist the message sideways.

The current crop of Republican candidates are so far out of touch with the average American as to be laughable and the blatant pandering I have seen is indeed comical to the point of parody.

I wouldn’t vote for any one of these people to be in charge of putting scotch tape in the dispenser.

Get your fucking religion out of the business of this country, get your head out of your asses and out of the ladies reproductive parts and educate yourselves on actually governing in a sane manner or get the fuck off the stage forever.

Preferably the latter.



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