A Special Treat

I have looked for this off and on for years now.
Paul Rogers and Jimmy Page while they were together in a band called The Firm in the mid eighties.
I am watching a Bad Company concert on Tee Vee right now and spent a half hour hunting this down.

Crank it up, this is way fucking good and not something you have ever heard on the radio, sadly.


One thought on “A Special Treat

  1. I have a 12″ imported (UK) vinyl single with that song and a few other special “Firm” tunes…like “City Sirens” from the “Deathwish II” movie soundtrack. Cool shit…so cool, in fact,that I ripped the vinyl to mP3 and play it all the time on my iPod now. I groove like that, though…

    You sure you’re a liberal? 😉

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