That Didn’t Take Long

The same day I shut off that horrible word verification they were back.

I will have to admit that word verification seems to be quite the deterrent to those fuckers but Google HAS to come up with something a lot more user friendly.
The thing that kills me about those asshole spammers is that they tend to target older posts like I ain’t going to notice and the chances of anyone else seeing them approaches zero.

Nobody goes through my archives except me and more often than not, I can’t even find what I am looking for.
In the mean time, into purgatory they go, every one that I find.

Just once, I would like to meet some jerk who proudly claims he is a spammer face to face.

I’m sure my knuckles would heal eventually.

Miserable sonsabitches need a case of the hives in their crotch and their fucking teeth knocked out so they have to suck soup through a straw for a month.


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