What We Need Is Another Good GodDamned War

Fuck me if it ain’t coming too.
Us, Israel and Iran are strutting around like Peacocks in heat.
If, you haven’t been paying attention, Israel and Iran have been knocking off each others citizens, “unofficially” for a few months now.
A nuclear scientist here and there and a couple of  Israeli diplomats over there, coupled with the U.S. strong arming the UN  and the International banking industry to freeze the ability for Iran to transfer money from it’s oil sales spells big money for the American  War Industrial Complex yet again.

Fuck Iraq, Fuck Afghanistan, We lost those war fronts long ago to the tune of thousands of  lives and billions of dollars, now we are staring into the face of the most disastrous  socio-political-economic mistake of the entire history of this nation.

Good idea to go stick your nose around yet another Middle Eastern Country, thousands of miles away.

We have been fucking around with Iran since before I was born 52 years ago.

Remember the Shaw?

The CIA was tripping over their dicks back when I was in High School.

Now, Iran has threatened to close the Hormuz straights, where over sixty percent of the international supply of the worlds oil passes through.
We responded with a task force of Air Craft carriers, with their requisite support ships and now Iran just upped the ante.

Granted, it’s just a Frigate class, and we probably have enough fire power to send the damn thing to Davy Jones’s locker three days ago but who the fuck profits from this?

It certainly ain’t you, it ain’t me and there will certainly be ” Collateral Damage” if it comes to  the moment of point blank confrontation.

It’s bad enough that we have a carrier group there now, when Iran sends little speed boats around to harass them  with the potential to sink a battle ship, this is political brinkmanship with potentially deadly  results.

I do mean deadly.
As my Dad always  told me, ya fuck with the bull and ya get the horn.
If Israel decides to go a head and  attack Iran through a bombing campaign like they have been threatening to do, there is going to be shit splattered from the Middle East to the Mid West.

Somebody needs to wise the fuck up.


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