For My Baby

She loves me, even though I irritate the shit out of her constantly.
She records concerts for me while I am at work and pulled off a doozy tonight, A live David Gilmore concert at prince Albert Concert Hall from ’97.

It was fucking awesome..
Right at the end, she told me that she wished they had played One Slip.

OK, I love this woman, seriously.
.Pulled that one out off the top of her head and right off my favorites list.

The fourth time of the night the hairs on my fore arms stood on end.

This one’s for you Baby.

Alas, it was not meant to be but you are in luck.

What a great song. I love this tune beyond reason.

He did play The Division Bell, Also known as High Hopes, both tunes are off Pink Floyd’s last album of the same name.

Enjoy this too and remember, if it says Pink Floyd on the label, label, label,get the headphones or you are totally missing out.
Thanks fer stopping by.


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