Just Ignore That Unholy Howling You Hear

It is just all the Demons in Hell celebrating my birthday, fifty two years ago.

As I recall from my Birth Certificate, I was born at 2:10 AM on January 31st, 1960.

That was a long time ago.
Just about the time the Oakland Raiders came into being too.
Of course, having been shat out in Oakland, ya damn well know I have been a Raiders fan my entire life.

No Color television, no remotes even, I WAS the remote, No Microwave ovens.
The Russians had just kicked our asses with Sputnik too.

No Radial tires,just one Ornery little fucking baby screaming into the void, just like I do now.
Some things just never change, I still love boobs too.

I seriously thought I would never live to see thirty way back when and now here I am still.

I must be more resilient than I imagined.
I crashed and/or totalled 29 cars in ten years in my early years and I pay for that shit every day but you can bet your ass I have some good stories to tell.

Thanks fer stopping by and have a shot for me, ya know damn good and well I will.


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