To The Moon, Alice

Forgive me for remebering that classic line from The Jackie Gleason Show but now I am hearing that the Crazy Fuck known as Newt Fucking Gingrich promises us he will colonize the moon if elected President.

In light of all of our economic woes, I fully and completely back this outrageous idea.
As long as every fucking crazy Republican candidate is on board the first rocket.

Start with the current crop of Republican candidates for President, including Newtie and you have my most sincere backing of this project. Rush Limbaugh can actually be co pilot as long as he doesn’t touch any buttons or switches.
As a matter of fact, I will donate some of my hard earned cash and start an internet pledge drive to helpfully fund his dream.

Once they arrive, I move to cut all funding and turn our attention back to our current economic concerns so we can actually make some progress without The Party of No being around to fuck things up.
It is a matter of record that these fucking clowns can break a cast iron anvil with a rubber mallet anyways.

Start fueling that rocket.


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