Really Baltimore?

Fourth and six, three points down in a Championship game,three minutes left, you  use a time out and instead kicking a motherfucking field goal to tie it up and possibly go into overtime, instead, you opt to go for it.
Idiots .
Then ya get down to the last of the game and actually try to tie it up annnnnnd no.
Missed the fucking field goal.

There is a coach who should unemployed before I get done typing this sentence.

I did love that tipped in the end zone interception though.
I would give that play of the year.

Now onto the Giants VS The Niners game.

Fuck the Niners.
Even though I should root for the fuckers, they are across the bay from my birthplace, Oakland and I actually worked in “The City” for a time.
Fuck them anyway.

Damn you Raiders too.
You suck.

Time to grab another beer and watch some fucking football.

Thanks fer stopping by.


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