Natural Selection Rules!

Those idiot birthers that,cain’t have no black folks around and general deniers of scientific theory, specifically those who think the Earth is only six thousand years old, flat and don’t believe in evolution can now kiss my fucking ass on Main street at High Noon .
Have a nice dose of Darwinism.

The theory of evolution is that certain species adapt to environmental stimuli to beat out and adapt physically, the nearest competitor, for either food, intelligence, shelter or sex to propagate their immediate family line.

See exhibit A below.

Do I give a shit if she can tie her shoes?
Do I give a shit whether or not she progenerates with my seed and has the ultimate heirs?

Fuck no.

That must be exactly what Rick Perry’s dad was thinking too.
Would I beat the shit out of Rick Perrys’ dad to make sure she didn’t have any little Rick Perry’s?

Answer that yourself.

Hownthe fuck that moron got elected as a Governor of anything besides a portable toilet is beyond my grasp of reality.

Yet, here the man was on national tee vee, spouting stupid shit that just makes you shake your head and makes you want to go to the bathroom to wipe your ass because it feels really nasty when you realize their is shit running down the inside of your left leg at work.

Fear not, the process of Natural selection has just relieved us all of such a nightmare of someone dumber that Stupie McFuckwit, also from Texas, from being elected Idiot In Chief.
I am now rooting for a big bus and Newt having a meeting on the corner of Main and Good Night.

So long dick head and happy trails, all the way into a collection of barrel cactus and get naked honey,,


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