Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is The Wife’s Birthday, she turned Fifty today.

She is a good looking woman with a very fine figure and she puts up with my shit really well.

I am waiting for her to get changed, I bought her a gift certificate for Christmas and she went to the spa and got all dolled up today.

As if she wasn’t hot enough, ooooh, la la!
I am one lucky bastard.

Sorry, no pictures for the pervs out there, this is all mine.

Anyway,I got her a big assed Garnet ring that matches the necklace I got her for Christmas,it is her birthday stone and both are quite pretty as she is.

Going out to dinner somewhere here shortly, there are many choices to pick from within a couple of miles. Absolutely no Sea Food for her, Me? I love a good steak but surf and turf with crustaceans is my favorite.

Can you keep a secret?

I have a surprise birthday party going on tomorrow that, so far, she doesn’t have a clue about yet.

If you would be so kind, please wish my honey a Happy Birthday.

She is a damn good woman .

In the mean time, thanks fer stopping by.


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