Happy New Years,Joey, You Rotten Sonofabitch.

Just to start it right, remember, Joe Lieberman is gone after this year.

Just for a double plus bonus, that other republican Light, Ben Nelson(T for Traitor) from Nebraska just bailed out too.

I am going to party till I pass out the day I see that rotten fucking sonofabitch no good self serving cocksucker , “Short Ride” to the nearest clinic, double back stabbing turncoat cock swallowing weasel, needle dick bug fucking, turncoat, rotten money grubbing, sell out ,self serving,AIPAC bitch, go down the fucking road.

That scumbag is the head of DHS and absolutely refused to investigate one single allegation against the Bush Administration.

He is dirty beyond dirty and he needs to get thrown out of government or any entity that could possibly have anything to do with government until fifteen years after the motherfucker has been in the ground kicking up Hemlock seeds.

Fuck him and every sonofabitch he does business with.
Rot in Hell under a mile of the Devil’s rotten, stinky Gym socks and road stripe stained jock straps, you prick.

My contempt for Joe Lieberman is infinite and eternal.

Just ask me.


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