I’m Whupped

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, I certainly did, even against my protestations, the wife made DAMN sure.

As to being tired, since last Friday, I have put in 23 and a half hours of overtime.

I had Christmas day off and Monday was time and a half because of the Temp agency. I just got off a twelve hour shift and am grateful, I was fully convinced it was going to be a true double, 16 hours then turn around and be back at seven in the morning with about six hours of sleep and I wasn’t looking forward to that one bit.

So, now ya know why it is so quiet around here, I was in bed at eight o:clock last night because I knew today was going to be a long one.

I ain’t really bitching,just tired. I am damn glad I have a job at all but there has to be a happy medium somewhere!

Eventually, I will get some time to catch up with what is going on, in the mean time;
Fuck Newt Gingrich.

Thanks fer stopping by.

Update, Bonus Round out of the eight guy’s I work with throughout the day, five of those motherfuckers have been passing around a nasty head cold.
It is a matter of time and every. fucking. time. I get a head cold, it goes directly to my chest and stays there.
Mark my words, you will soon see me whining and bitching about being sick.
Rotten sonsabitches, stay the fuck home.It’s like a fucking Daycare center around there.

Update two;
Another fourteen hours today.
I thought I was tired last night, HA!


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