I was having some again so I got up.

Nasty fucking ones, killing and cutting and shooting people trying to protect my family.

Snarling packs of dogs trying to trap me on the porch of some place on a hill.

Then some guys showed up on the porch who obviously owned the dogs but I have no idea why they were there except I knew they were some evil bastards with malintent
I cut the throat of one of their dogs right in front of them and bolted behind the front door.

Double dead bolt doors, one behind another.

Desperately looking for a shot gun.

Somehow I found one and at the same time one of the evil doers got through the doors and I blew a hole in him you could drive a truck through.
That’s when I woke up.

I’m going to finish my smoke and try to go back to sleep here in a minute, hopefully that shit will stop.

Apparently that Steven King guy has nothing compared to my subconscience.


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