Super Fail

What a fucking surprise, the Super Committee just choked on some caviar and can’t come to agreement to cut 1.2 Trillion dollars off the budget over the next ten years.

This thing was doomed from the get go and anyone who didn’t see this coming ain’t paying attention to what has been passing for politics in this country the last twenty fucking years.
No new taxes.
That’s all I heard since the day this fucking abortion called a committee was formed.

I knew exactly what was going to play out and am actually glad.

Now that the retarded four year olds in the Republican party have stamped their little feets and took their ball and went home, the real shit is going to hit the fan and you mark my fucking words, if you think you have seen back room deals in your life, they just opened the flood gates for that shit.

The war mongering fuckers who have been the benefactors of lobbying largess just shit their pants.

Automatic defense budget cuts are now the order of the day.

Unenjoyment extensions will cease and payroll taxes for those of us fortunate enough to have a fucking job in the first place will go up 50 fucking percent.

Oh yeah baby, the real shit is coming down the pipe and these recalcitrant cocksuckers on the right are going to be scrambling to make some shady fucking deals by hiding shit in new legislation, which is their favorite fucking trick to begin with.
The pressure is on now, you sonsabitches and I hope every political blogger in the country starts keeping an electronic bullhorn next to their keyboard when these scum sucking egalitarian motherfuckers start trying to pull their bullshit moves in the middle of the night again, I know damn good and well what their tactics are.

Oh and by the way, Fuck You Grover Norquist.

This is the right wing political hack who seems to have some serious dirt on these assholes.
They all signed some damned pledge not to raise taxes under any circumstances that he came up with.

This the rotten bastard who’s most famous line was that he wanted to shrink the government until he could drown it in a bathtub.

If I was you pal, I would make sure you only bathe often enough to keep people from throwing cans of deoderant at ya and only in stand up showers at that in those oh, so famous, bath houses we have all heard about.

Fucking prick.

Either way, they got what they wanted, economic mayhem, that is their primary job it seems.

Who in their right minds would think there is such a thing as a Super Congress anyway?

Congress has an approval rating in the single digits, worse than people’s feelings about their ex spouse.

So yeah, let’s make up a Frankenstein Congress, for real.

Abby something, as I recall.


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