Goodby Verizon

Dirty motherfuckers.

I have been waiting two fucking years to get rid of those sonsabitches.
Finally, last month, the contract they renewed without my consent expired.
Two fucking years I waited.

True to form, my $59.99 bill that I signed up for turned into over a hundred bucks, every fucking month.

I used a whopping 218 megabytes last month because I don’t need their shit anymore, there is WIFI all over this joint.

Good fucking riddance.
The guy had the balls to tell me that whatever, whatever, version 4.0 was cheaper than what I had already.

I was polite and didn’t tell him to suck my dick after all the grief I have been through with this asshole outfit.

Fuck me, I have had to call these motherfuckers every goddamned month for the last two years.

One month was over two hundred and fifty fucking dollars,for internet access. I squealed like a little bitch and got it dropped to a whopping one ninety.

I can relax now, they are fucking gone with prejudice, never to return.

Can ya hear me now, motherfuckers?


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