Attention FaceBook Users.

Get the FUCK off my lawn, RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!

Jesus H. Fucking Christ!

OK, you people that I have never met that keep “Answering Questions” about me,

Fuck off and die.

Seriously, it is clogging up my Email and pissing me the fuck off.

I don’t know you, you have never sucked my dick that I know of and I wouldn’t admit it if I met ya.

Piss off.

This Facebook thing is completely out of control now and I think it just might go the way of my last meal, swirling around the bowl.

What the fuck is Farmville and why should I give a rats ass?

Quit fucking around and get a fucking life, leave me the fuck alone.


Problem solved.
This is the second time I deleted these sonsabitches and I see they made it a bit more difficult.

I will add you to the list of cocksuckers I won’t acknowledge in public.


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