I’m Going Back To Bed

I woke up at quarter after five this morning.

Went to the bathroom and then came out to the front room and had a smoke, finished the beer I left.

My fucking big toes are all fucked up from the steel toed boots I have been wearing.

Come to find out, sometime in the last few years, my feet grew.

I wore a size ten shoe for thirty five fucking years.

Went to Portland last night after doing an internet search and found Al’s Boot store.

I tried on ten different boots and every one of them was too tight before I even tied the laces.
The guy brings me a size eleven in an irregular.


The tongues are split on the seams in the back but I don’t give a shit, they fit.

Even better, the steel toe isn’t actually on the inside, it is on a flap that fits over the outside of the boot.

Thank you Lord.

We are going to the Weasel Den and starting to clean that fucker out later today.

Oh Boy, that promises to be a good time.

I can see at least one dump run in my future.

Right now it is quarter after six and I am going back to bed and snuggle with the little cutie.


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