Hmmm, Could Be It Ain’t Over Yet

Interesting conversation tonight with The Wife.
Stubborn damn thing.

Apparently it’s all about the conversing.
Who’da thunk it.

Not something I am real good at, to say the least.

Not that I am adverse to such a thing, it’s more of a women’s thing.
It’s always about the talking.

Sorry, get me a beer and show me yer tits and you have my undivided attention.

Maybe it’s more of a strategy thing.

We seem to have completely different ways of communicating.

Like I am the first dumbass to figure this out.

It’s not like I don’t give a shit, I just have to spend more time reading those fucking magazines that ya see when you are waiting for the fat lady and all her screaming little duplicates to get through the fucking check stand so I can crack a cold one that I seem to spend so much time looking at lately.


It seems I am going to get a crash course.

Just because I am a nice guy, I shared my Kit Kat with her.

Chocolate, the ultimate weapon…..


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