On The Road Again

Fuck me.

5:30 in the fucking morning and I am hitting the road, again.
I gotta be in Eugene Oregon at 7:30 but I have plenty of time, it’s about an hour from where I am right now.
Then I get to do some running around and get back in the truck and drive back to Vancouver Washington just for the distinct pleasure of pissing into a little cup.

Fuck you, Ronnie Reagan. Asshole.

I don’t even remember hauling all my shit down three floors and loading it into the truck last night.
I must have known I was going to get hammered and did it before I passed out.
Good for me because I certainly don’t feel like doing it this morning, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.
Damn, I am tired.
I have been working my ass off.

Oh well, it beats laying around on my dead ass I guess.

One more road trip, hopefully, before I start the new job.

I am going to be one busy little fucker here this month.
What I haven’t told you what is coming up is that I am going to be moving at the end of next month also.
My folks are going to Arizona for six months instead of the usual three and they are going to by a house down there.
Me,Mrs, Ornery and the boys are going to live in their current domicile while they are gone and pay them some rent.

The guy next to me in the trailer park is going to buy the Weasel Den for what I paid for it and in the mean time, we are going to find a place to live after the folks get back.

I am going to be just a wee bit busy here shortly.
The wife lives an hour and a half away from the Weasel den so I am going to have to rent a truck, then, I am going to have to get rid of a bunch of shit I have collected over the years again, and haul all of my shit to my folks.
The one nice thing is that that is only ten minutes from there.

So, pray for me, I am going to be one busy little dude here shortly.


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