Bring Out Yer Dead

Who would have thought that folks can’t afford ten thousand dollar funerals any more?

According to the USA Today, the dead tree version of the news that is afforded to me gratis at the hotel I am currently burrowed into, the entire country has seen at least a ten percent increase in unclaimed bodies and funerals for indigent people.

Increasingly, counties are opting for cremations over burials because it is cheaper.

Just in case you didn’t know, if you croak and are old enough to collect Social Security, the government will pay out a whopping $250 for your remains to be taken to the local land fill.

The last I heard, it costs a grand just to be cremated.

Ya might as well just have a couple of guys dragging a cart down the street yelling out “Bring out Your Dead” like they did back in Europe when the plague was in full bloom.

Eh, just leave me out for the vultures, when I’m dead, I won’t give a fuck anyway.

This is just one more aspect of the Republican plan that seems to be working a little too well these days.


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