Ten Years After

Jesus Christ, they are kicking a dead horse like their lives depend on it.

I am already sick, to fucking death, of the media orgy already.
I even listened to some jack ass fucking mental health asshole expert while I was stuck in a five mile long traffic jam trying to explain how we need to speak the truth to wee little young ones about what happened on that day, before they were even born.

Listen up here folks.
I am well aware that those fuckers scored a touch down when we weren’t looking and that several thousand people lost their lives and that it really fucked up thousands of families.
I wasn’t there but I watched it as it happened.
My utmost sympathies go out to those who were affected by this atrocity.

The effects can still be felt.
What really pisses me off is these media whores trying to make a buck off of this travesty.

Scumbags and douchebags, every mother fucking one of them.

Now we have this “Credible Threat” they are spouting for the anniversary.

Cough it up motherfucker.

We have already lost every freedom imaginable because some scaredy cats in government positions and some freakazoids with authoritarian agendas think they know what is best for us “Sheeple”

I have news for you sonsabitches, we, as a people, ain’t afraid of shit.

Bring your shit and if we find you, you are a dead motherfucker, period.

So, as this anniversary of the single worst attack this country has ever sustained on our own soil nears.
Remember those innocents who’s lives were lost, also remember we have inflicted that to other countries tenfold.

We are not all that and a bag of chips.
We are human and we die just like every other citizen of any other country.

The only thing that makes us different is the whore mongering assholes amongst us who want to make a buck off of other peoples misery and suffering and business is good for them.

God Damn their souls to Hell.

Here is some other Ten Years After, as it should have been.

My condolences to the families of the victims of 9/11/ 2001.
I won’t ever forget either.


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