So,Congress is coming back in session.

I was reading the dead tree version of the local rag they call a newspaper around here and see that Congress has a whopping 12% approval rating.

First of all, I think that is a bit optimistic of a figure.

Second, just who are these 12%?

They most certainly haven’t been paying attention.
12% of Americans actually approve of what Congress has done since the last election.

These people are willfully, Ignorant, Stupid, Mother, Fuckers.

The only other explanation would be that there is a fuckload more lobbyists in this country than I could ever imagine.

Even Stupie McFuckwit never got much under 28% and just astounded me even at that.

No, twelve percent tells me someone has their thumb on the scale because the current crop of dumb as rusty hammers doesn’t even deserve that much.

There should be an automatic recall kill switch new election kind of thingy if their approval rate dips below Stupies all time low.

Approaching just one tenth of the population being happy should tell those dumb cocksuckers something ain’t right in La La land.

Even now, they are gearing up and trying to raise money for an election that is still ONE YEAR AWAY!

This never ending vote stumping seriously affects what business they should be taking care of.
Renaming post offices doesn’t do a fucking thing for this country except for some fucking painter somewhere who gets a quick name change job on the front of a fucking post office.

I don’t even know why I bother to vote anymore.

Fucking bastards could give a rats ass what I think and do what their owners want without fail.
Just remember when 90% of us told them in no uncertain terms not to bail out those crooked fuckers on Wall Street?
That even beats 12% and they said Fuck You, we’re doing it anyway.

Nope, unless you are a multi millionaire or a Mega Corporation, you do not exist.

They are actually afraid of the average constituent, especially when they are gathered in large quantities.
I see now some cock bite asshole representatives are trying to charge a fee if you want to talk to them face to face.
I have two words for that nonsense;

Fuck, That.

We pay your fucking salary, you arrogant fucking jack ass.
You work for us, arrogant fucking jack ass.

If I want to talk to you about something I find to be important enough to expend my energy and express my concerns to you about, you make the fucking time and effort to make your sorry fucking ass available to me, your employer.

If you have the gall to try and charge me for that, I am on the phone to the ethics committee, the same day, capiche?

That shit needs to stop yesterday.

So, as I sit here, I am still decidedly puzzled as to just who this 12% is and if they actually exist or is it a figment of someones imagination?

I seriously doubt that if I went outside and randomly asked people who were walking by whether or not they approve of the job Congress has been doing that I would find a single aye.

More than likely I figure I would encounter expressions of outrage and disgust, universally.


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