Mission Accomplished

It’s finally a done deal.
Let me introduce to you my lovely Bride, Mrs. Ornery Bastard.

Am I a lucky sumbitch or what?
Damn, she is beautiful.

She wanted to share a couple of pictures, sorry ladies, I am married now.

It was somewhere between ninety and ninety five on Sunday and us boys could sure feel it. Wearing black shirts, pants and shoes with a freakin’ tie strangling us just for good measure.

The actual ceremony only lasted a little over ten minutes and went exceptionally well.
It was a very pretty setting and quite a few folks actually showed up.
I would like to say Thank You to each and every one of them, it meant a lot to us.

It was the fiasco of getting all the pictures taken that took another two hours, with me chasing people down, running around with my clown shoes on.

We had a short reception and then drove back to my town and the party was on at the local Eagles Fraternity.

Another couple of hours of that and off we went for our honeymoon, which, by the way, got crashed by a couple of my Aunts, my cousin and her two boys.You oughtta met my Aunt Peggy, she is the female version of me without the profanity.
She is quite the party girl and totally out going. She cracks me up. get a couple of drinks in her and no man is safe.I love her to death.
That is another Blog post by it’s self. I am waiting for the photographic evidence before I go into that.
It was comedic and we all had a great day.

Anyways, the fucking Drama is over.

I are married now.

Damn, I didn’t realize what a good looking bastard I am.


The best fucking toast I have ever heard.
” May all the ups and downs in your life be between the sheets”.

Thank you Rae, her dad’s toast to her.


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