Stay Outta Kickin’ Distance If Ya Know What’s Good For Ya.

It’s been two fucking days since I had a cigarette and two fucking days since I had any alchohol.

Get just a little closer, I dare ya….

Christ I had forgotten how bad it was to quit smoking.

Drinkin’ ain’t that bad but the smokes,


I laid around yesterday going through withdrawals, looking at that pack of smokes sitting on the night stand.

I swear I never looked at Farah Fawcett with such longing, I would have kicked Cindy Crawford out of bed and onto her ass if she had blocked my view.

Today, of course, is worse yet.

I was working on a buddies truck and I always had a butt hanging out of my mouth when I was wrenching on my own time, AND a cold beer within reach.

I have been wanting to quit for a while but between the cheapest smokes and the cheapest beer I could find it was 13 bucks for one six pack and a pack of nasty tasting smokes so I bit the bullet.

All I can tell you is a mother moose with PMS would come out limping right now.
I have zero sense of humor.

Temporary Reprieve Update;

The Wife called me worried that I was suffering unduly and told me to go have a smoke, so I did.
It’s amazing how the sky went from blood red to sunny so fast.

Be warned, I give it an hour and I am going to be like this again;

H/T to Carolyn in comments.


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