What Double Dip Recession?

I don’t know about you but I called Bullshit two fucking years ago when I saw some asshole declare the recession from 2007 was over in 2009 and I still do.

They tried desperately to not call it another Depression and they lied through their perfect teeth fucking again.

Now I am seeing same said asshole economic professionals calling the current cluster fuck a “Double Dip Recession”.

I have some news for you cocksuckers, it is a fucking Depression, has been since the shit hit the fan in November of 2007 and hasn’t let up a lick since then.
Noticed housing prices, GDP and the Unemployment rate that hasn’t changed in two fucking years?

Just because we were obligated to mortgage our Great Grandchildren to bail out the upper criminal class, more than once, does not mean that the majority of us is all of a sudden eating steak and lobster three times a week.

Now pay attention to this infuriating deal with the Credit limit horseshit.

I told you they would come up with some fucked up deal.
72% say raise taxes on those making over 250,00 dollars.

Listen to me laugh.

I sure as shit do.
Too big to fail.

Now they are after your retirement that you paid for, claiming it is part of the budget.

I don’t know about you but those one dollar McChickens have become a staple food in my life and I would like to punch John Boehner and his ilk in the face so motherfucking hard I break a couple more knuckles.


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