Is It Just Me, Or Does HuffPo Suck Even More Now?

Being an info /news junkie, I try to surf around to see what is the most current news.
The Washington Post shot themselves in the foot a few years ago and I will still occasionally stop by but HuffPo seems to have jumped off a fucking cliff lately.

Hippo’s mating?

7 myths about making coffee?

The Most Nutitious Ice Creams?


There are some some decent stories and news but I keep waiting to see Bat Boy on the front page.

I am going to do something here that I really haven’t done before but I am going to ask you for your own opinion instead of me giving you mine.

Where do think is your best news source?

Where do you go to get your information that shapes your opinions on world events, politics, economic news or just plain old day to day news? One thing that really pisses me off about what we get to see and hear about what is happening is what they don’t report on and let me tell you now, that that is a lot.

I go to FARK every day just because their headlines are funny and there are always off beat weird news items. Not because of serious journalism, it is a nice break from the doom and gloom.

The usual suspects after that are the LAT and the NYT and more than a few sites right there on my Blogroll.
I am only one guy with so much face time available to me for surfing the web.
TPM is a left leaning political site I try to visit once in a while but Live Leak and Black Listed News are good for things you won’t see from the MSM. Shit, even Al Jazeera has more about world events than anything we get to see here. Let’s not forget the BBC either.
I will be completely up front here and tell you outright that the only time I watch Fox News is when I can’t avoid it.
They have been documented to be outright fucking lying so many times that they have been completely discredited as a news organization with an ounce of objectivity.

So, there it is, just a partial list, I want to know where YOU go to get legitimate news that helps you form your opinions on just what the fuck is really going on in this fucked up world.


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