The Fourth of July

Once again we have managed to survive another year since the anniversary of the Declaration of our Independence from Mother England was announced.

Today, we struggle to recognize what has become of such a remarkable struggle for our independence.

Our Bill of Rights has been gutted and our government regularly conducts business in direct violation of the Constitution that each and every public servant has sworn to uphold.

Illegal search and seizure is an everyday occurrence thousands of times a day.

We are not secure in our effects and papers, our very own government illegally spies on it’s own citizens with impunity and complete confidence that there will be no legal ramifications.

Our Supreme Court of the land has given Carte Blanche to the business interests in this country when it comes to host of issues critical to the election of our representatives clear to and including allowing corporations with unlimited funds to spend those unlimited funds to literally buy legislation and the politicians who craft them with impunity.

Those same politicians are now sitting on their hands as we find the housing crisis is rife with fraudulent mortgages and millions of these fraudulent mortgages have thrown into question just who actually owns the title to these homes and people are being thrown out in the street.

Yet there is no rush to investigate and prosecute this criminal activity.


Just as no one is currently sitting in a prison cell over the massive fraud and manipulation of our banking industry which nearly collapsed the entire world economy.

Our economy is in shambles and our elected officials are now playing a dangerous game of chicken over raising our debt ceiling, for the first time in our history, they are willing to completely destroy our fragile economy for political reasons.

Unemployment is still over nine percent and wages have stagnated for the last forty years, unless you happen to be in the top one percentile, which control twenty five percent of the assets in this country.

I sincerely hope everyone reading this has reasons to celebrate this day and gets to spend some quality time with friends and relatives.
BBQ is the order of the day for millions of Americans and the requisite fireworks display later this evening.

Our American Revolution is but a distant memory but we still have much work to do to right the wrongs that have come to dominate our existence as the greatest country on the planet.

I have been ranting and railing about the injustices I perceive to be thrust upon us by the very people who are supposed to have our best interests at heart for the last six years and I will not let these domestic atrocities go unnoticed and unspoken as long as I am able.

I am proud to say that there are hundreds of thousands, even millions of my fellow Americans that feel the same and call out misdeeds when they are exposed.

Accountability is a word that needs to be stressed repeatedly until it becomes a mantra.

The avarice and greed running rampant in our hallowed halls needs to be rooted out and exterminated if we are to survive as a viable country lest we become a nation of serfs doing the bidding of a select few who control who and what we see, hear, eat and drink and how we communicate amongst ourselves.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth folks.


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