Can We Dissolve The Department Of Homeland Security Now?

OK, Osama Been Dead now.

OK, now what?
 We actually have his body!
How fucking cool is that?!
Osama Bin Ladin is finally dead.
Yah fucking Hoo.

The fucking President hasn’t even spoken about it yet.

The jizz is running down  Chuck Todd’s chin as I type.

Can we get rid of the Patriot Act now?

Hey, GW?
 You fucking pussy, a black man finally got the fucker.

The 8th anniversary of Mission Accomplished. To the fucking day.

Shadenfruede to the tenth power.
Have some of this;


Have some covert operations.
We have known for a long time that he was in Pakistan.
  Did they use UPS or FedEX to get his body out of the country?

“US Personell Involved”,

The talking heads  on tee vee have had a collective orgasm and are currently trying to make  GW a fucking hero.
Excuse me?

 Bush has been out of office for two and a half years and still can’t figure out how to lift the lid on a toilet.

OMG, 9/11. Taliban,McChrystal,, 
What The Fuck Ever.
These fucking people  from the Main Stream media need to be dragged down the street by their intestines.

Anyway, this chapter of American History is over.


Bonus round, My sister in law, what a sweetie, caught this screen grab from Fox Fucking News and sent it to me;



Bonus round, I told my brother that the fucking media was going to blow this up to equate the end of World War two and I will be damned if they didn’t do exactly that.

Brian Fucking Williams @ NBC, did exactly that.

Excuse the fuck out of me,  One dead mother fucker is equal to four years of world wide war and hundreds of thousands of human beings being killed in horrific ways?

BTW, Fuck you Cheney, Fuck you Rumsfield and fuck all of you sonsabitches that lied to our faces.
 RIP Pat Tillman and all the other American servicemen and women who have been killed for their lies and Please take away the pain and suffering of the wounded.
 From all sides.
The Collateral damages.
These cocksuckers are guilty of ordering the death and suffering of over a half a million people, because of one guy.

Never, ever, forget that.


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