I Really, Really, Hate Drama

Came home to a barge load of it too.Drunk bitches, pregnant bitches, (it weren’t me!) One drunk bitch crawled up in bed with me,blubbering about some fucking shit that I could’t decipher oh, fuck no, then the pregnant one did, oh, fuck no too.
(Clothes, coat and boots on here, ya fucking perverts. )
The guy taking care of the place was all apologizing about the state of the union here, some other fucking guy showed up, knew my name, was all friendly and I had no fucking clue who he was, so I sent him to get some fucking beer while I tried to clear the joint out.
The fucking cat was all over me like a coat of paint while I was dealing with this shit, just fer fun.

After blowing a head gasket and throwing a bunch of fucking people out of the Weasel Den, I laid the fuck down and took a nap, it was a long day.

All is quiet on the Western Front currently.Just me and the fucking cat.

She is, however, being a pain in the ass while I am trying to type and could be on the short list here soon.

Now I get to wake up and go for a nice drive tomorrow, again.

Ya know, my sweetie likes to watch those fucking soap opera’s on TV, I live in one some times.
I really, hate drama.

Can you say White trash trailer park?

I can.

Fuck me runnin’.

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