In The First Place

You stupid fucks in Wisconsin voted this fucking idiot in.
That is a fact.

Now ya don’t like the fact that he is doing exactly what he said he was going to do and none of ya paid the fuck attention.

Let this be a lesson to those of you who hate Democrats at all costs, this is what it will cost you.

Yes there are no alternatives, if you stick the positive cable on the negative terminal and stick the negative  cable on the positive terminal at the same time, shit will blow up in your face.

You fucking asked for it, you got it.
They don’t pass out safety glasses at the voting booths.

My personal inclination is to back unions and every day folks. After all, I grew up in a union household and have walked more than a few picket lines with personal threats against myself.
I am just pointing out you have some extremely stupid fucking neighbors of yours who are just now getting a dose of reality that doesn’t give Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh screaming their lies  any credibility, after all, they are union members themselves, fucking cocksuckers.

Hail Ronnie Reagan!
Motherfucker was a union  president and started the killing of unions with the Air Traffic Controllers.

When the police are behind the protesters, you have lost the game.

The war is over, most folks didn’t even know there was one coming, let alone it has been raging,  more fucking idiots, it has been being waged for fifty fucking two hundred and fucking fifty years.

Oh, but the skirmishes still rage.

If you have one ounce of anger at what the fuck is going on in Wisconsin, support your local unions and support those hundred thousand and more protesters who are standing in the fucking freezing weather and those who are willing to go to jail while staying inside the capitol that the governor wants to be evacuated by the same police who are union members who said they won’t do and actually slept inside in defiance of his orders.

Like someone complained earlier, it is starting to smell funky in there, the Capitol building, some folks have been in there for days now.

Someone else replied, that funky smell is the smell of Democracy.

Right fucking on.

Update ,

My comment to a comment,

Collective bargaining is exactly what it says it is, the many against a few.

People like me and you, joining together to strive together to make sure we can get a fair wage for a days work,have some sort of rules so we don’t have to work in an environment full of poisons, have set hours that aren’t subject to the whims of tyrannical employers and can contribute somewhat to a system that will guarantee a bit of security of self sustainability in the years after they can no longer work like a mule.
Public or private, that is all anyone in a union is asking for


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