Lucky Me

I haz someone who actually tolerates me.

I have been watching the shit unfold in Wisconsin, good on ya, even the cops said enough..
Ya make my heart swell that there are still some folks that have a sense of decency.
Watched most of the Oscars, she had her picks, I just looked at the tits.

Had a couple thrust in my face and after that, who gives a fuck?

Nom Nom Nom, hold still fer a second?

Have a nice day, none of us are taking home some little Golden little statue, I just got my feet rubbed and I can’t tell ya what a fucking awesome little bit of love that  is.
Back rubs are way cool, get your feet  rubbed and you will find someone who loves ya.

I do back rubs that make some fellers jealous, foot rubs will make you get naked.

Thanks honey.

Take my word for it, the fucking politics can kiss my ass until later.

We seem to have many, many movies to watch later.
Believe this, she has never seen  The Big Lebowski.

Thanks fer stopping by


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