Riding The Storm Out

Fucking weather. It’s supposed to snow like a bitch around here in the next day or two, get down to 17 fucking degrees and then be all butterflies and honeysuckle.

I bailed out of the Weasel den, told my guy that has been living in a fucking shed and taking care of my cat to move his ass in so he doesn’t freeze to fucking death, made sure there was propane, groceries, some beer and smokes and bailed the hell out to come see the sweetie and make sure everything is OK here.
 I drove through two snow squalls, a hail storm and sleet for twenty miles.

What ever is supposed to hit the Weasel Den should be three times as bad here.

I made her go to the store with me so we had enough to get by with for four days at a minimum.

Riding the storm out baby’s.


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