I don’t know how it happened but my normal computer took a major shit last night.
I surfed the web, checked my mail, everything was cool. I got off the web and decided I would do a computer scan while I snoozed. It takes a while and I figured it could do it’s thing while I sawed logs.

Got up this morning and see a fucking warning about some fucking infected file. I clicked out of that and my monitor lit up like a fucking pinball machine with twenty extra games.

Can you say FUBAR?
 Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition?
It won’t let me do a God Damn thing.
No restore, no internet, no Windows, Croaked.

I said Fuck it and turned it off, apparently there are several of the little nasties battling each other over control of my hard drive.

Dirty fucking sonsabitches.

In my eyes, if there was ever a reason for Capitol Punishment, hackers like these would be first up against the wall.
Pissed off? Oh, you fucking betcha I am pissed off.
So, I went to town and cooled my heels, made a few phone calls and I am still fucked.

I came home, unplugged the fucking thing, swapped it out for my old one, and it fucked me too!

Three mother fucking hours I have been dicking with this cocksucker.

I believe it is currently in Safe Mode because the colors are all fucked up and the borders are all the wrong color.

Can anyone tell me what the fuck System Idle Process is?
It locks this motherfucker up tighter than a drum. It has something to do with Windows and you can’t kill it. It takes up 99% of my processor activity according to Task Manager but like I said, ya can’t turn it off.

I had to reboot the fucker several times, delete and reinstall (SPIT!) Verizon twice and I just now got online at what. 2 o’clock in the fucking morning?

I have been fucking with this shit since 9 P.M..

My uncle seems to have too many computers laying around, I do believe I will ask him to donate one to the cause , at least until I can find an electronic sledge hammer to kill some fucking viruses with.

I think this pretty much sums up my feelings at this point.

Seek and Destroy.


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