They Own It, They Know It

Two days I have been watching the back tracking after several people were killed, including a nine year old little girl. She was taken to this open political gathering by her neighbors. They are going to be gut shot the rest of their lives, trying to take a young lady to an open political discussion and then some crazy fucking bastard went all trigger happy and shot nineteen fucking people. The main target, the Congress Lady got shot in the head at point blank range, the bullet went clear through her brain and she is still alive.

I have been watching the back tracking from these right wing sites who have been calling for an armed response to what they consider to be a liberal take over of the government.

Back track all ya want cocksuckers, the internet doesn’t forget and the evidence is there for your perusal. All fucking day long.

It weren’t me doesn’t cut it you assholes.
I have been watching the rhetoric ratchet up for over a year now, and here is what you wanted, even as you deny it.

Politics by it’s definition is supposed to be a civilized way to settle differences.

Apparently that isn’t good enough anymore and bullets count up quicker than votes.
I have seen many calls for another Civil War in the last year and you ignorant cocksuckers have seemed to have found a tipping point.

All of a sudden it got real quiet over there when real people and kids got killed.

Now it’s all about this one guy, kinda like the one guy who flew an airplane into an IRS office.

Don’t even try to deny what I have witnessed in the last year, you can find it yourselves.

Throwing bricks through windows, yeah, I am looking at you Vanderbough.

This shit has nasty consequences.

Now you see them first hand.

The only aspect of the consequences you and Beck, Palin, O’Rielly and Rush Fucking Limbaugh don’t seem to get is that there will be a push back,now we have some pussified fucking politicians trying to pass new fucking laws. Sure, now they are scared, ya hurt one of their own.


 Trying to blame this on Left Wing Liberals also does much to discredit you fucking morons.

I dare you to show me one motherfucking instance when a Left Wing Liberal either blew some shit up or shot some ignorant fuck. The comments are open, I want one fucking example.

Environmentalist extremists don’t count.


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