I Survived

Some younger folks are lucky they did too.

The fit throwing and sniveling I have put up with the last few days has damn near put me over the edge.

I finally stopped it cold, twice.
You are done now, shut your mouth I am totally serious.

I mean shit, after a half hour, forty five minutes of listening to this twelve year old boy bitch, moan and complain, throw hissy fits and tantrums, I am severely temted to yank him by the back of his neck and drag him to the nearest wood shed.

I got ahold of him a couple weeks back when he ran his alligator mouth one too many times after I had told him to shut up. Back talking his Mom put me over the edge. One of those little brats that always has to have the last word.
I ain’t saying he is a terrible kid, he just needs some boundaries and a grumpy old fucker like me to kindly show him where they are. There comes a point when the talking is done.I know I am.

Don’t worry, I do and will, until he figures this shit out.

He knows that you can only jump up and down on that last nerve so long.

Bad things happen when I get out of the chair.
I know his eyes were as big as saucers when I jumped up and trapped him in the kitchen. he didn’t think this old bastard could move that fast.

Then today, I got to drive over a hundred miles on a nasty little two lane twisty assed motherfucking road to get back to Nasty Girls from her parents.

Two days of staying there, that is something I am going to have to keep to myself, the Old MidWest brought large.

Like I said, I survived and another Christmas is getting smaller in the rear view mirror.
Thank God.
It’s always the fucking logistics, I can never get that through anyones head, why I hate that holiday more than any three combined.
Driving all over the fucking country side, putting up with hundreds and hundreds of complete fucking morons.

The fucking parking lots, the lines, the People of Wall mart kind of shit.
I have to sedate myself before I get out the fucking door.

I hope you all enjoy the peace and quiet until New Years.

Hand me that jug.


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