DADT Passed


Now get back to the fucking economy.

I could give a rats ass who ya love, as long as ya love ’em.

Ain’t none of my business.

Me and the GF went a few rounds over this, she being the Right Winger she is and me being me.
I’ll spare ya the details, everyone has their own opinion.
That’s what makes this country great.

This isn’t the panacea the gays were wanting, sorry about that. I didn’t want the 2 percent of the richest motherfuckers in this country getting that little tiny tax break they have been enjoying either.

I am sure this will be revisited soon.

Like I said, I could give a fuck.

There will be repercussions I am sure.

The DREAM act went down the tubes.

These fucking Republicans are starting to confuse me. All of a sudden the Gays are OK but we still hate the Mexicans?

They fucking hate everyone.
Except you beautiful rich sonsabitches, even if you are married to one of the ugliest old white bitches you have ever laid eyes on.

Can’t have any of this by God,

Can’t have any of this by God either,

But we as sure as fuck can have a whole world full of this shit every, mother fucking day.

Fuck You,you dirty, rotten, hypocritical fucking bastards.

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