The Power Of A Smile

Ok, I can be a grumpy fucking bastard, that is a given.
I can also be a nice guy, don’t you fucking tell anyone.

The GF and I were at The Big Store yesterday, getting some shit for dinner, oh and beer too.
I noticed all these people were all looking grumpy and afraid, seriously, no one even wanted to make eye contact with each other and studiously avoiding each other, when there were at least two hundred fucking people in this store.

We had her Autistic son with us, who is basically harmless but he is a big dude, full grown at about two hundred pounds and twenty seven years old, he is still like a little kid and wanders off constantly.
That means we are constantly having to look around and say, about forty times per visit, where the fuck is he now?

He doesn’t get too far but it is just something that we need to be aware of.
Any way, back to my point.
In having to bump around and move the cart every ten seconds, I was doing my best to be polite, excuse myself for being in some ones way, excuse me, let me move my cart, etc., etc.
I always smiled at who I was talking to, little kids, little old ladies, Gentrified old gentlemen, harried mothers trying to get something for dinner and having to keep the kids under control, the same thing every one of us has to deal with. Pretty soon, I started noticing that when I was being polite and smiling at all these different people,I noticed every, single, one of them went from scowling, to smiling back at me.

I shouldn’t be so amazed but, I was.

It was amazing.

The little old ladies perked right up, the little kids eyes lit up, the old gent stood up straighter, I really can’t put it into words but I finally ,just realized it.

I have to admit, I have also noticed that getting to be an old fart has it’s advantages.
The little cuties smile back at you too.

That’s always a bonus.

I have always, since being a little ornery bastard, been told that I have beautiful eyes.

The girls in school used to have fits because I have naturally long and thick eyelashes, which they reminded me of while putting some kind of shit on theirs with the little brush thing.

I guess it is the getting old thing, if I try ,just a little bit, I can smile with my eyes and not say a fucking word.
A little bit of pleasantry to go with that, and I just changed some ones whole outlook on life. It is absolutely fucking amazing.

Actually, I don’t have to try, it comes naturally.
I am a flirt by nature and I have always had a soft spot for little old ladies and babies.

It’s the fucking Boy Scout in me I guess.

Like I said, the cuties are just a bonus.

Take  a fraction of a second and smile at someone with out saying a word the next time you are out and watch what happens. Then do it thirty more times in one store and really watch what happens after that.

Someone should do a documentary on that.

OK, enough with the happy happy huggy crap. Back to being a grumpy assed curmudgeon in 3…2..1..

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