It’s a little Chilly In here

Ran out of propane in the middle of the night.

Woke up with a serious case of heart burn from the bowl of chili I ate right before I went to bed too.
Ah well, throw another blanket on and grab the cat for a jump start and it is back to sleep we go.
Close the doors to the bedroom to conserve the heat.

Pretty soon I will be farting in my sleep and before ya know it it will be toasty warm in here again.

Where ya going kitty?



3 thoughts on “It’s a little Chilly In here

  1. Damn I hate winter. We had snow and ice today. I swore I wouldn't be here this year and yet I am. And you…that poor kitty..oh the humanity…Sir have you no shame…oh yeah never mind LOL…stay warm Busted anyway you can;)

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