This Post Deleted by Author

Sorry, I started to get really, really nasty, seriously, like NSFW ,like you can’t believe.

Such is the power of the internets to find the very thing that you are thinking of and put it in picture form.

Just for example, here are my thoughts on Mitch McConnell;

For those who aren’t so quick on the uptake, it’s called a Man Hole.
It is too small to represent where all the corporate money gets pumped into 24/7.

See? I had to stop before I got out of hand.

No, I can’t help myself.
Let me introduce you to the next speaker of the house, Mr. Bohner.

HEY! It’s pronounced BAY NOR, and he has a REAL tan! Ha Ha Ha Ha ha!

These people are deadly poison and I am going to spend some of my time skewering them and kicking their asses for being corporate whores and obstructionist mother fuckers.

Might as well start out on a lighter note.

Before it gets serious.

Deadly, serious.


5 thoughts on “This Post Deleted by Author

  1. Your a fine example for all of us to follow. ROFLMAO No really it's good to have self control. (snicker)In the words of Hannity, your a great American…lol

  2. So thats where Bitch McConnell lives!No wonder he is fucked up!@ What an asshole. He is really a traitor by fomenting/conspiring against the Presidential and obstructing the Work of the People!!

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