Love The Library

I just got a brand spanking new library card and while I am here I am throwing up a post on their internets.
Mine will be out fer a bit, My girlfriend is beating up on me a bit so we shall see here in a bit what happens.

If ya don’t see anything for a bit don’t panic, it just means I am a stubborn sonofabitch.

Thanks fer stopping by.


3 thoughts on “Love The Library

  1. Hey OB, I am curious how did u'v missed such a thing in Hungary? How those fuckos punished Hungarian nationalist Government beyond believe with this "catastrophe" which is definitely man-made fucking diversion. And u're sitting and reading crap in fucking library and not saying a fucking word???

  2. 'Scuse me, apparently you missed the part of me not having internet access, for a while.The library gives you fifteen minutes of internet. I just threw up a post real quick.If you have a link to what ever you are talking about, throw it up and I will go look at it.

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