God Speed, Janie

One of my Grand mothers passed away last night.
Thankfully, she was in no pain and went to meet her maker in her sleep at a hospice center.
I was there with my girl friend yesterday for several hours and she was not conscious but I know she knew I was there.
My girl friend, the little darling, made me stop at a store after we went and had some dinner and bought some roses that I had mentioned I should have done on the first visit. I made sure Gram got to smell them too.
She wasn’t conscious but she was dreaming the whole time I was there, you could see her emotions change and her body move to the emotions.
Rest in peace honey.
Janie was 96 years old and just a sweet heart. She was my step mothers mom and she and her husband took to me and my little brother with unconditional love from day one.
Big Pa was an exceptionally nice man who took us on road trips all over the place. He always had a beer in his lap too. The good old days. Between me and my brother, my two step brothers and two of my cousins from that marriage, there were six of us little bastards to take care of. Then came baby Marrissa, the daughter of my Aunt Joyce, who I adore. Joyce married Janie’s son, he was a brilliant man and was working on developing lasers in the late sixties. One day the man fell over dead at his desk, a massive aortal burst all at once.Baby Marissa was only a couple of months old and that was not long after my dad had married my mother.

Gram was the stereo typical stay at home mom, she didn’t even drive for years. She used to drive Big Pa nuts when they went out. Can you say garage sale?
I think Big Pa thought there was something wrong with the front end of his car.
Every time she saw a garage sale sign his car suddenly would pull hard to the right.

Gram was a wonderful woman and she will be missed greatly. This little blurb certainly doesn’t do her justice but all of a sudden I can’t see to type any more.
It has been coming for a long time so it isn’t something that wasn’t expected but we still have to do our grieving and we will.

Thanks fer stopping by, I’ll be back later.


17 thoughts on “God Speed, Janie

  1. Grandmas are the greatest…even the step-grannies. My kids' only real grandma is my stepmom and they all adored her. I hope I have 20 more years before I have to face losing her, because man, it will take more than a beer in my lap to fix that loss!So sorry for your loss, but glad she was not miserable!

  2. Thank you all for your condolences, she was a great lady.Hey Doc, A Silver Sailors Tongue is the rarest of awards they don't even give out any more.It's when you can cuss good enough to make a Long Shoreman blush. A rare gift as I see it.Proud of that fucker too.Thanks fer stopping by my friends.

  3. Barb just informed me about your loss and I thought it was only decent to take some time out of my day to add my heartfelt condolences to the rest. God knows good people are harder and harder to find. We can't spare many more in times such as this.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. one thing about Gram, she was old school and didn't fuck around.No embalming, just stick me in the ground. Grave side services are on Wednesday afternoon, my Dads 73rd birthday.Happy birthday pops and good bye Gram.Remember old man, there are alternatives.

  5. Sorry for your loss, hoss . . . 96 laps is a grand effort. You have her heart and memories. I'll sip some No. 7 for her this next Fri. We're dry here till then. I'll sip some for her again, and then for Tony.You be well as ya can.

  6. My condolences, BK. My gram is the same age but doing well. I dread the day when I get that call.What can you say about grandparents? I knew most of mine, as well as a great-grandmother from Belfast. Now there was a grandmother! They teach us shit that give fits to our parents. They're always good for a pair of knitted mittens, a quarter for comics and some of the best cookies this side of heaven.God speed to your grandmother. By your account, she's bound for the Summerlands for sure.

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