After All There Years, I Discover I Am Actually A Rightie

Who would have thunk it.
I noticed recently whenever I see or hear one of the following idiots open their yap, my right hand instinctively reaches over and unzips my pants, pull out my decidedly left leaning dick and violently yanks me to the right, looking to fill said idiots mouth with warm piss to shut them the fuck up.
What do you think about that, Michele?

I know, it was a rhetorical question. Here, follow me for a second. Here is a round room, go pee in the corner.
That should keep her busy.
Wait a minute! Who let her in here?

There is one of those “others” in here!
You, get your narrow brown ass out back and wait your turn.
I will get to you eventually and piss all over you too..
Think of it as the Health Care Bill these fucking clowns passed.


Oh, sorry Mr. Boner, I didn’t mean to piss in your eye.
Actually, I did. if I had tried to piss in your mouth, it would have turned into a sprinkler big enough for a corn field in Ben Nelson’s back yard. What with you flapping your gum’s at light speed about the necessity to keep those tax breaks for the ridiculously rich. You’re excused now.

Next? Oh fuck. I am going to need another half case of beer for this asshole.

What’s the matter Newtie? All of a sudden you decide to shut up?
I have a question for you.
Who the fuck do you think you are anyway?
As far as I can tell, you are the tighty whities version of Reverend Jackson. You serve no apparent purpose other than to stir shit up.Still up to the same old tricks I see, lets shut down the government.
Please run for President, pretty please?
I would love to see your ass as broke as mine with about the same final results.

Oh, my. No, there will be no peeing in this mans mouth
I see a strict regiment of chili, peppers and prune juice for this ass clown, heavy on the Tobasco. Enough said.

What, you don’t wan’t that Rushie?

You too,

But our little sweetheart Sarah thinks maybe she can run for President too!

Guess what I have in mind for you my dear..

Wrong, go pee in the corner with Michele Bachmann, take the Tea Party with ya.

Oh, sure, this traitor.What list would be complete with out this egg sucking bastard?

Sorry Joe, I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire and holding an arm load of kittens.

Smarmy mother fucker, God, I hate that guy.

Finally, we get to those spineless cock suckers who truly deserve my ire


Guess what? I am going to need a whole lot more beer before I can even begin to think about how pissed off I am at this crowd.

10 thoughts on “After All There Years, I Discover I Am Actually A Rightie

  1. It's 4:27am, everyone around me has been sick and I'm up now with sore throat & headache, and am laughing like an idiot at this!! Oh gawd, thank you, thank you, thank you! I want to slap the shit out of every single one of them, smug bastards. I give you linky love and hope you get lots back because *everyone* is feeling this way but cannot express it the way you do, Busted…

  2. If you can be a rightie, then I can be a lefty. I can take my left hand and jerk my tits to the left and LIBERALLY fill those idiot democratic mouths on the hill with enough tit to CHOKE them and shut them the fuck up for good!I wish I had more than two tits so I could do them all at once but I'll have to settle for two at a time. Death by "double D's". FUCK YEAH!

  3. What does such grossness have to do with survival? Or prepping? In fact think it is vulgar the way you express yourself. Show's you do not have the makings for any kind of world unless it could be on the lowest side.

  4. Busted I see your making the most of your vacation. lolGood for you. Nasty Girl, you may have a fine set but you can't write your name in the snow with them. I would like to see you try

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