That’s About Enough

OK, all you attention whores, enough is enough.
When all you have left is to stand around screaming “Look at my Boooooooooobs!” yer done.
Do what any other self respecting Cougar would do and go down to the nearest bar, get some young little dude drunk on his ass and take him home to show him the time of his short little life.

Wake his ass up with a world class blow job and make the little fucker breakfast.
If you do every thing just right, I won’t have to hear or see your ass until sometime after Christmas.
Hey, it works for Demi Moore, right?
Do the rest of us a favor, just do it ,as many times as it takes.


6 thoughts on “That’s About Enough

  1. But but Busted she is showing off her boobs for a good cause??" I received a letter today from the father of a young patient at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. This is the charity benefiting from the coming Sunday's Malibu Triathlon in which I am tackling the swim portion of a Tri- Team including myself, Mr. Bob Iger and Julie Bowen. The young patient is a girl…"Shit she is still younger than me and looks pretty good for her age… I do like big boobs…

  2. Wow! baby, you just described me. Except I don't have to scream for guys to look at my boobs, they just do. Chicks do too. And I am not a cougar since I got an old drunk dude that I wake up in the morning with a you know what and breakfast. And I do do it as many times as it takes! Smooch baby!

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